Communicate. Mediate. Advocate.




Mediation is a process whereby Ms. Lindsay-Skynner will assist two or more parties to resolve their dispute and reach settlement.  The process is confidential, without prejudice and cannot be used in court.  Mediation can be used even when a court process has already begun.  Mediation is generally more expedient and cost-effective.  The parties preserve their relationship and each participate in the resolution of the conflict.

In some circumstances, litigation is unavoidable.  Ms. Lindsay-Skynner is an experienced litigator who understands and appreciates the particular complexities of family law litigation.

Making a Will and Powers of Attorney or settling an estate can all be very complicated and time consuming.  It is important that these tasks be carried out thoroughly and with a consideration of family dynamics.  Executors have personal liability and professional assistance is often required.

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